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JK3826SF-H Power Regulator Taiwan JK

JK3826SF-H JK3826SF-R JK3826S1
Model No.︰JK3826SF-H
Brand Name︰JAKI
Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

1. SCR power regulator protection device: (1) The source power is out of phase. (2) Fuse disconnection detection. (3) The controller's heat sink is over temperature protected. (4) Abnormal output contact, when the body is over temperature or the fuse is blown, it provides a set of abnormal contact output for system emergency control (JK3826SF model does not have this function).

2. SCR power regulator has CE international safety certification standards.

3. It has R-phase fuse disconnection indicator and provides abnormal output contacts, which can be used for system emergency control.

4. The cooling fan operates with temperature control. It works when the heat sink temperature is 55 ℃ and stops at 45 ℃, which can increase the fan life by 2 to 3 times.

5. Applications: IR lamps, quartz lamps, molybdenum silicides, heaters. Use shoe making machinery, plastic bottle blowing machinery, plastic extrusion machinery, vacuum evaporation machine, vacuum sputtering machine, heat treatment furnace, electric heating furnace, electric heating boiler, enameled wire machinery, spinning machine, textile machinery, constant temperature and humidity system.

6. Smaller size, reduced space, simple wiring, more convenient to use.

7. Provide: 0-5V / 1-5V / 0-10V / 2-10V / 4-20 mA signal input (standard factory input signal set value is 4-20mA) can output linear voltage, suitable for inductive loads.

Model: JK2226SF, JK2242SF, JK2256SF, JK2272SF, JK3826SF, JK3842SF, JK3856SF, JK3872SF

Model: JK3826S1, JK3842S1, JK3856S1, JK3872S1

Product Image

JK3826SF-H JK3826SF-R JK3826S1
JK3826SF-H JK3826SF-R JK3826S1

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