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Chiahang Enterprise Co.,Ltd ,established in Taiwan 10 years has been committed to professional development and production of electric power industry, industrial application of the digital meters and signal converters, signal isolators. Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the mainland. And on this basis, continue to innovate and progress to the progress and development in response to the demand of the times.
         Xiamen chiahang ZEROSPAN on the mainland of Taiwan's total technical service and sales centers;

         chiahang is specialized in industrial automation, product integration and sales of industrial technology-based companies.
Taiwan head office "chiahang enterprise" - the professional power system instrumentation, signal converter R & D and export business.
         Continental AG "
Xiamen chiahang Automation Co., Ltd." established in 2002.
1, contract automation systems engineering projects;
2, temperature, pressure, flow, Level, and power system products solutions;
3, at home and abroad instrumentation, power purchase and sale of products
Main agent:
CHIAHANG (digital power meter, signal converters, signal transmitter)
ZEROSPAN (SCR electric regulator Heatsoft, SSR solid state relays, motor soft starter Motosoft)
* Note: CHIAHANG referred to as CH, the Chinese name of "best route", Taiwan's self-developed brand;
            ZEROSPAN Chinese name "Bigelow Division States" since the beginning of 1986 has specialized in electrical products R & D and production.
Other agents:
Electrical class:
Open space, contactors, frequency converter, Taiwan Shihlin, Taiwan Tong Li, counters, timers, photoelectric switches and other products.
Sensor type:
Photoelectric sensors, temperature sensors (temperature probe), level element sensor, voltage and current sensors, pressure sensors ... ...
Instrument type:
Temperature measurement and control instruments, flow meter, pressure gauge, level meter, electricity meters, gas detection instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical instruments, LED billboards ... ...
System Class:
Taiwan Yonghong PLC, vacuum pump, high-frequency systems and accessories, electrical control switchboards, motor control panel, etc ... ...


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